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Monday, April 10, 2006

It's hard to remember that Bush was originally elected by mistake. Sure, they cheated by knowingly pushing legal voters off the voting roles in Florida, and the Supreme Court 5 disgraced themselves by violating their own stated tenets as well as the dignity and history of the Court, but if the Florida election had been counted accurately in the first place, Gore would have been president.

The preposterous anti-Americanism of the legal principle that Bush & the Supreme Court 5 endorsed: "First count best count, right or wrong." But naturally that wasn't the real principle involved, which was merely: "By Any Means Necessary to win." An amusing melange of rhetorics, the Zen-flavored poetics of Allen Ginsberg ("first thought best thought") invoked to mask a revolutionary zeal worthy of Malcolm X, only this revolution has been strictly loot-o-cratic plutocratic reactionary spleen and low-affect Ahab-ic obsessive war-making.
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