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Friday, April 07, 2006

A couple weeks ago a TV producer was coming to town to audition singers for a Reality show about a metal band looking for a lead singer. Mr. Jumping Chocolate Pudding was having a tantrum and screaming nonstop for minutes at a time. I said, "I may have to take you to that audition for that heavy metal band."

He abruptly stopped screaming.

"What's heavy metal?"

"It's a style of music where the singer screams all the time." (Not exactly true, I know.)

As is his habit, he repeats everything he's just heard to someone else who's been standing there the whole time.

"Mamu, there's a kind of music where the singer screams all the time. Maybe I will go to the audition."

Then he went back to screaming for a few more minutes.

* * * *

Two magnificent metal and country songs from the 1970s agree.

1. No stop sign! No speed limit! Nobody's gonna slow me down!

2. We just ain't a-gonna pay no toll!

# # # #

Mr. Jumping Chocolate Pudding serenaded us after dinner, singing long songs about I'm not sure what, with gusto.

* * * *

"Draw a line in the sand." It sounds tough, it sounds ominous.

On the beach, the waves will wash it away.

# # # #

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, da da da da da, i di di di di di di, can you brush my teeth Mamu?"

* * * *

"Why do you have a blog?"
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