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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

On Carl’s recommendation, the other day I got a compilation disc associated with one of those English music magazines in part because it had a tune by Torontopia’s Broken Social Scene. The song is in 7/4 meter and is called “7/4.” To a fairly standard dreamy crunchy alt rock gorgeous distorted guitar texture the song employs dissonance and dynamics in the service of a musical climax in a manner that has reminded me of Duke Ellington every time I’ve heard it. Hope to hear more by the group some time.


Still musing on the aesthetic of exuberant liberatory nonsense in some of the songs of 19th century blackface minstrel Daniel Emmett. At least one other of his songs evinces an aggressive, almost Pistols-esque "no future for you" stance. He wrote "Dixie" and at least 3 minstrel songs that have survived, bizarrely, as children's songs. I'm wanting to know more about him.
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