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Thursday, March 30, 2006

My friend Andrew designed this stamp.

* * *

Kyle Gann has an awe-inspiring piece on John Luther Adams’s sound installation The Place Where You Go To Listen in Fairbanks, Alaska. Adams’s piece is built on computerized sonic manipulations of terrestrial phenomena -- the cycles of sun and moon; wind and weather; earthquakes, Northern Lights. Makes me want to hie myself to Fairbanks to take the cycles in.

* * *

Carl Wilson “can't helped be tweaked by such claims as that the Situationists ‘have been transformed into “another amusement park for the overeducated,” who only managed to create “a how-to for compromise.” ’ ” Since David Letterman has recuperated the classic Situationist technique of detournement into Late Night entertainment, we all may have reason to feel tweaked.

* * *

My old friend Andrew Boyd has designed a legal U.S. stamp, which was launched at party with lots of celebrities. A few years ago he came to my wedding; now movie stars and rock stars and world historic rappers come out to see him. Andrew turned me on to Guy Debord and Situationism back in college; they inform his work; you can be sure that Andrew appreciates the ironies Carl points to. Irony or no irony, the stamp is a good thing; I am psyched he has made it happen.

* * *

Forgot to mention in last night's post on The Music Man: it's a trickster tale: the American hustler-con-man salesman as irritating, indispensable rejuvenator of culture.

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