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Sunday, February 05, 2006

"When you drop a snowball into the stream the snow turns to water and it becomes part of the stream," said my beloved spouse to our son.

The stream is the water and the process and the path. Dry river beds are not rivers. You need the water as well as the path and the process for it to be a river.

Music is a stream. A musician drops sound into the stream, and the sounds become part of the stream.

John Cage built on a remark of Charles Ives to show us that the stream consists of the quality of attention that we give to the world of sound, and that any sounds, given a musical listening, can be music.

Any stream feeds the ocean of music. Dive into the ocean and hope to find a beautiful stream.

Songs: complexly mannered hybrids of words and music. Why it's sometimes easier to listen to songs in languages I don't understand: I feel the emotional rhetoric of the music & timbres of the singer without getting tripped up by words that please me not.

Jump in! The water's fine! (Weather permitting.)
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