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Thursday, February 09, 2006

the war on terror

Why the war on terror is a bad idea:

1. The word "war" legitimates the enemy.

2. In a war, any military target is legitimate. I live in Seattle. Boeing is a legitimate military target in a war.

3. No end to terror. "We have always been at war against terror." Orwell's perpetual war state -- the Cold War served the same purpose -- anybody remember the peace dividend?

Of course, these cavils are absurd. President Bush doesn't intend words to hold meanings. He's an emotional whirligig; his words mean what he wants them to mean until he wants them to mean something else.

Terrorism is a crime against humanity necessitating a coordinated international response. The neo-con way of "going it alone" does not work. It fails to apprehend the terrorists and it pisses off everybody else in the world: precisely the result that most endangers ourselves and lots of other people too.

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