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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the American Revolution isn't over

American liberals are in the majority, but our liberal culture has gotten so hang-dog resigned beleaguered about everything that we don't act that way. When Bush stole the 2000 election, we just shrugged and bitched, collectively. The wrong-wing Republicans had the pumps primed to howl yowl and scream bloody murder if Bush were to have won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote. They're all fight and cheat and spit.

The liberals are the majority. Large majorities support a woman's right to have an abortion, universal health care, higher taxes for the well off, an end to the war in Iraq. The Democratic Senators represent millions more people and received millions more votes than the Republican Senators.

The whole anti-democratic Senate is itself a legacy of British colonialism: By a quirk of history, the Brits colonized the east coast of America piecemeal and set up separate colonies rather than one big colony. When the Americans won the Revolution and had to put a nation-state together, the representatives of the old Brit-mandated colonies wanted to keep their fiefdoms, and so the anti-democratic, anti-solidarity compromises of the Senate and the Electoral College were made, to let small states have disproportionate power. The minority-rule Electoral College mess and the minority-rule Senate mess are the results of an incomplete revolution and a bowing to British colonial whims. The American Revolution isn't over.

We're unlikely to disband the Senate or the Electoral College any time soon -- the minority likes having its disproportionate power, and any appeal to fairness would not only be scoffed at but screamed at as anti-patriotic.

But remember, liberals and lefties and so on: We're the majority. That's why the Republicans have to lie all the time; that's why they mustn't ever show the truth of their convictions, but hide behind euphemisms and lies -- Alito swears he hasn't made up his mind about abortion rights (a lie); neither has Roberts (a lie) -- these so-called Christians, I swear, these so-called Christians seem to think that 9th Commandment is an order to bear false witness, not a prohibition against lying.

We're the majority, and we might as well act like it. Don't be bullied, don't be cowed, and don't let the thieving liars get you down.
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