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Monday, January 09, 2006

Thunderbird above Dzunukwa, Alert Bay, British Columbia
(We saw this pole on vacation last summer.)

I’ve mentioned before that Mr. Jumping Chocolate Pudding has made a great imaginary friend of Dzunukwa, the Kwakwaka’wakw “Wild Woman of the Woods” and ancestral goddess. For some weeks now Dzunukwa has been the foil to our family, a creature for Mr. JCP where everything we parents say is safely contradicted. The contradictions aren’t contentious, but merely point to an alternate reality where what he imagines really exists.

Two examples from the last few days:

The other night when I was having a beer, and Mr. JCP asked for some of it, my beloved spouse said, No, alcohol is not for children. Mr. JCP said, “Dzunukwa gives alcohol to her children.”

The other morning when I was getting out of the shower, the topic of conversation was stinkiness and sweat. “Do boys and girls sweat?”


“Do statues sweat?”

“No, statues don’t sweat.”

“Dzunukwa saw a statue once and it sweated.”

“Well, Dzunukwa has seen a lot of things that I haven’t seen. She gets around!”

Rock on, Dzunukwa.

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