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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mr. Jumping Chocolate Pudding had his first scary dream that he could articulate last night. He woke up crying because a dog was eating his foot. He was pointing at a pile of blankets, thinking it was a dog.

He had trouble going back to sleep, so I joined him on his queen-size futon and he was fine. I woke up a couple hours later when he rolled over and flopped his fingers into my mouth. My first thought upon waking was, "I sure am glad my reaction wasn't to bite."

He talked about his bad dream when I put him to bed tonight. He said tonight he would dream about Cookie Monster eating rocks. I asked him if he dreamt that last night too. He said Yeah. I asked him if it was a funny dream. He said Yeah and he laughed, and said again he would dream about Cookie Monster eating rocks. I said that I hoped he would have nice dreams.

* * *

Karen our 8-and-a-half-year-old chicken laid an egg yesterday. It had been more than half a year since her last one. Rock on, Karen.

* * *

Johnny Mercer songs stuck in my head tonight, one in particular.

"If you need a new face
or a tenor or bass
you can tell 'em I'll be there"

"In the cool cool cool of the evening . . . "

The glamour of abundance and sociability.

Hullo John, I'm coming here from Kyle Gann's ArtsJournal blog looking for music-smart things to read, but it's this entry about Mr. Jumping Chocolate Pudding that will keep me coming back I think.
Whatever works! Thanks for dropping by & for saying something.
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