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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Regarding Santa: My beloved spouse told me today that she had prompted the almost-3-year-old to say, "I hope you have a nice Christmas too" to Santa. Funny to be all bragging on him and find out he didn't come up with the idea. Still -- he remembered his Mommoo's suggestion.

Haunted by the smile of the toothless Santa. Did I see a flicker of shame/embarrassment when he realized he had revealed his toothlessness? Was that flicker triggered by a flicker of pity/revulsion across my face? I fear it may be so, but I won't ever know.

* * *

Funny thing about teeth -- I'm missing 8 of them. 7 knocked out in an Accident (as it's called in my family, with an implicit Capital and The definite article preceding it; or, John's Accident) that happened when I was 10, the 8th tooth lost when it rotted after serving as an anchor tooth to a permanently-affixed replacement tooth. I have a partial, removable denture for the 5 lower front teeth, but my smile is so constricted by the scars around my mouth that people don't notice when I leave my denture out, which I rarely do. Since the anchor tooth for the missing upper left-side teeth rotted out, I've just left that 3-tooth gap empty. It doesn't affect my chewing (the 5 lower fronts do), and nobody can see it.

I'm quite conscious of the class implications of my denture. Damn right I'm glad to have it.

My friends tell me -- and I believe them -- that my face can be slightly shocking at first but the shock quickly wears off; some people don't even notice that I have scars, but they're rare.

Well, I didn't plan on talking about this tonight! And now it's time for bed! Good night! Time for some shut-eye!

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