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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dubbed the tapes down to one cassette in running order. Made it over the 30 minute mark, with 13 tracks.

All live, no overdubs. 7 tracks voice & guitar (one with harmonica too), 5 tracks voice & piano, 1 track voice & bass guitar. No amplification. (I have what's known as an "acoustic bass guitar," but, really, I hate that word "acoustic" as an adjective meaning, "unamplified.") I like the immediacy & nervousness of live; but, mainly, in the rush job approach of this project, a lot of overdubs wasn't a viable option.

Gonna shop for some gear to download the cassettes onto my computer.

A lot of contradictory feelings about the whole thing, but glad I finished, glad I wrote some new stuff.

Hope to resume regular blogging soon. Between deadline madness and Thanksgiving feasting, I haven't had much time or energy to get down to the corner blog to shoot the breeze. And, as you will have noticed, when I've gotten down here it's been all about me, me, me.

So, how've you been?
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