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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

relatively recent music

Enjoying Bjork's "Medulla." Gorgeous, trippy textures, beautiful choral compositions, propulsive rhythms; more a studio-sculpted Meredith Monk vibe than anything on pop radio.

And Alice Coltrane's "Translinear Light." Otherworldly organ & lovely piano playing; worthy 1963-ish era John Coltrane disciple on sax.

And Ridin’ the Stang by Daniel Patrick Quinn. Somewhat reminiscent of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, except facing the North Sea rather than dreaming of the Mediterranean, and with interesting recitations; "God bless the Burryman"; worth checking out if you like the idea of cold-climate ambient. (How I acquired this CD: Daniel Patrick Quinn spammed my blog email address announcing the album. I wrote back saying the description intrigued me and I'd like to hear it. He mailed me a copy, and I'm glad.)

And -- this isn't recent, but it's a new release -- The Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall. Some of Monk's most exuberantly wild piano playing and bandleading; early and tremendous sound-sheeting Coltrane; and -- I never realized -- drummer Shadow Wilson is a star (did the engineers give him a hotter mix than they would have 48 years ago?); almost polyrhythmic ensemble textures predating mid-'60s Miles Davis Quintet wondery. Had it come out near the time of its recording, it would have long ago been deemed a peak in Monk's career, and Coltrane's too.
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