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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Finished recording my solo album.

A hodgepodge of what-have-you, most of it of deep and dear interest to me right now in my life. Whether anybody else likes it . . .

Make a cassette dub tomorrow night. Don't know how long it is.

Weird project. Haven't been sleeping enough, so I'm feeling cranky. Wrote some songs I like, as well as some improv-sketches.

Only wrote 2 lyrics; set 6 texts by other people:
Scooter Libby
an email dictated by my almost-3-year-old son to his mom
The Old Oaken Bucket
Abou Ben Adhem (poem mentioned in passing on the blog, which my grandpa had to memorize in order to join his college fraternity; have since learned that it was a favorite of the Wodehouse character Jeeves, a writer I've never read but whose stuff my grandpa really liked)
The White Man's Shame
“Hope” is the thing with feathers, a great Emily Dickinson hit

And with 2 instrumentals, a story with guitar accompaniment, and a cover of the great Irving Berlin's Let’s face the music and dance, it may add up to 29 minutes of music. I'll find out.
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