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Sunday, October 16, 2005

the lyric "I" and its wants

"I want to say this, say this to you, or to anybody, or myself, or nobody, but in any case Say it, say it because I Feel it, feel it intensely, and I will use whatever rhetorical verbal or musical trick I can muster to convince you of how intensely I feel it, and all the shadings of this feeling, these feelings, this knot of feelings, and the perceptions and experiences that gave rise to the knot of feelings."

UPDATE, in the morning: Sincerity isn't enough. Key phrase: "whatever rhetorical verbal or musical trick I can muster." Lots of sincere people don't know very many tricks. Or, really, any.

"Trick" is a dissy word for it, but it really is proof of sincerity -- sincerity that you want not to bore your auditor. ("Trick," "bore," and "auditor" are words that I would not recommend concatenating in a business or tax context.)

Went to a club to see a band last night. Singer seemed sincere. Cross New Wave spazz frontman persona with '70s goblet of rock backing band, remove hooks and melodies, and there you go. Rumor is that singer's words are interesting, but I could make out only maybe 5 or 10 percent of them in the rockarena (small club) din; what I heard didn't grab me. I like both the elements, the spazzy sincere New Wave frontman and the "goblet of rock" backing band, but they need more musical tricks to keep my interest.
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