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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Irving Berlin at the piano.


In the course of his fascinating discussion on the original political and personal context of Irving Berlin’s patriotic hymn, “God Bless America,” in the comments to this Zoilus post on Liz Phair & the “Star-Spangled Banner,” “Nation” music critic Jody Rosen posts a link to Irving Berlin singing his famous song-- and it’s gorgeously quiet and almost mournful, as if to say, please, God, please bless America, we could really use the guidance. Jody wrote a book on Berlin’s “White Christmas,” which I almost picked up last year during The Season. I’ll be sure to look for it this year.

A couple weeks ago Kyle Gann posted link to Charles Ives singing his own song “They Are There,” and it’s a trip! Kyle’s been posting a series of terrific pieces on Ives lately.
Great pic of Berlin! You can see the hardware for his transposing contraption (black key only player that he was.)
Oops. The above was from me (jsg).
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