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Monday, October 31, 2005

If Ornette Coleman is the phoenix whose music from the start was revealed to us -- if not in its mature form, then at least in its basic conception -- as if it had sprung from the head of Zeus, then Coltrane was a Sisyphus, who again and again -- from the very bottom up to the mountaintop -- had to roll the hard, cumbersome rock of knowledge. And perhaps, whenever Coltrane got to the top, Coleman would already be standing there in his resplendent circus suit, playing his beautiful melodies.
-- Joachim Berendt, “The Jazz Book”

Devin Hurd declares March 9, “National Ornette Coleman Day.” In light of this beautiful post by Carl Wilson (who’s Canadian) on a recent Coleman concert in Toronto, I would like to propose a friendly amendment to Devin’s proposal, and declare March 9, International Ornette Coleman Day.
International Ornette Coleman Day it is then. I was worried about over-reaching my grand powers with the "national" declaration but see the wisdom of thinking big for this cause. Or Universal Ornette Coleman Day in honor of the transcendent quality of his music and its effect on yet undiscovered alien intelligences. It should make for a harmelodic party.
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