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Monday, October 03, 2005

dreaming of California

Alex wrote a piece in the New Yorker (unavailable online) that made me want to pack up my kit bag and fly to Frisco* to see the premiere of John Adams's new opera "Dr. Atomic." M. C- saw it and made me wish even harder. Same night, same state, different town, Devin went to a Terry Riley concert that made me wish I'd been there too.

Happy to think of my blogging compatriots there, at least. Happy to read about the music, and to imagine hearing it -- hopefully some day!

* A note on usage: I got "Frisco" into my vocabulary from hanging out with 50-something homeless and recently-homeless men for years. I like it because it's so out of date, and because it reminds me of these men, one of whom became and remains a friend (and is no longer homeless). The nickname really bugs my friends in the Bay Area, though. Sorry.

Yeah ... some around here will call it "The City" as if it's the only place on earth. Many of us call it by its full name. I figure anyone who uses the word "Frisco" isn't from the area. I usually put them at least in the midwest, if not the east coast.

There was a book of short mysteries that I read as a kid and I remember one where the "clue" was that a guy said "I'm from Frisco" ... everyone knew then that he had to be the culprit because if he was from San Francisco he wouldn't have said that.

So beware if you come here, commit a crime, and say you're from Frisco! It's jail time for sure ... for probably TWO reasons. ;-)

(We're seeing Dr. Atomic on Sunday.)
Which reminds me I drove by this place on Saturday: http://www.hayesvalleyshop.com/stores/laundromat.html

Robert Gable
Thanks for the comments. That laundromat is funny!
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