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Thursday, October 27, 2005


I burned 5 of the 10 songs from the not-quite-finished CD and took it to a small bar/cafe a couple blocks from where I work yesterday, hoping to get a gig. I didn't know the guy working. I told him what I was there about, he said, Cool, can I put it on?

Sure -- I'd love to hear it on a different sound system!

He asked good questions.

Is that a stand-up bass?

Does the drummer play a small jazz-style kit, small bass drum, high hat, one floor tom, ride?

Answers: Yes to both questions. I asked him if he were a musician. He is.

I heard problems in the mix even more clearly, and I heard one overdubbed keyboard lick I thought had been buried in the mix -- I hadn't heard it on any other system; it was nice to hear it again.

I sat and drank a cup of coffee and listened. The bartender was friendly, said he liked the music, seemed sincere. People came in. It was background music -- nobody noticed it. Which -- is one of the goals! (I didn't put any of the harsher songs on the demo.)

It was really nice to hear it at someone else's joint. Stare out the window and imagine I've made the soundtrack to the movie.
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