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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mr. Jumping Chocolate Pudding, communing with his friend Dzunukwa (click to enlarge)


Kyle on DIY classical -- or rather, post-classical.

Simon Reynolds on rockism at the core of hip hop, with a tasty morsel on Bruce the Reverent Rocker below that.

Jonathan’s indifferent to Bob Dylan -- sometimes I wish I were! No, I’m a lover and a hater, and I love and hate Dylan. "Hate" may be too strong. Maybe.

Sharp thoughts from Carl on Dylan and also on “Dawn of Correction,” an answer song to “Eve of Destruction” I’d never heard of.

My friend Michael on alternative labeling.

First chemo treatment seems to have gone well yesterday, and Dad isn’t reacting badly to it, at least so far. We won’t know for a few weeks whether it’s doing what we hope it to be doing.

My powers of ratiocination are fuzzy wuzzy, muzzy. Softly careening down the echoing puddly well.

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