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Monday, September 12, 2005

Me and my son a couple days ago,
looking at the one we love the most, who held the camera.

(I bought the small guitar for $40 on a road trip.
I can play it while riding in the passenger seat.)


Getting close on finishing my band's album -- me finishing my band's album -- paradox -- it really is a band, with 4 singers and group arrangements, but I'm paying for the recording and wrote all the songs and convened the ensemble and have veto power over arrangement ideas -- no, no slapping thighs on this song, handclaps only -- sorry! I really want that sharp, percussive sound. I'm excited about the songs and the arrangements and mostly pleased with the performances. A couple things I'd change if it didn't require starting from zero and doing the song over. I suspect there will always be a couple things I'd change. Found out the other day that one of the band's two main singers may be moving away, because her dad may be very sick. So we may have an album but no band. Here's hoping the news about her dad this week is good.


"At times, when a worried mind impedes good digestion, it is a good idea to find distraction in play and pleasure. Games of chess, of cards of various kinds are good, so long as they are played without anger and indigation which are bad for digestion, whereas hearty laughter is good. Above all, there must be no cheating or avarice which deprive the game of all liberality and are to be detested, and arguments also produce no pleasure. Both the fear of losing and the immense desire to gain can provoke quarrels. If you must quarrel, let it not be soon after dinner, but only after you have enjoyed it. The stomach needs natural warmth, little motion and little mental agitation; otherwise it becomes weak and unable to produce its digestive juices." -- Bartolomeo de' Sacchi, De Honesta Voluptate, the first printed cookbook, 1475, quoted in The Delectable Past by Esther B. Aresty, 1964.

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