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Friday, September 02, 2005

It's the ideology, stupid.

"Big government is the problem."

So, the anti-public Republican Party works to make sure it doesn't work.

Why, 5 days later, people are still stuck in New Orleans: The feds don't know where to take them. Their anti-public ideology forbids the Republican government from commandeering all the hotels in the 300 mile radius and booking them for the next 4 months for the hurricane victims. No money to help middle class and poor people. It's a logistical problem. "Get on the bus to nowhere."

The Astrodome? Maybe for a week. People need something better than that, and they will for many months, and many of them -- maybe most -- will forever. Our problems are only beginning.

Thinking about this, I thought, well, I guess I'll just have to pray that the President has a change of heart, and decides that the Constitutional mandate to "promote the general welfare" will require higher taxes and a pro-active pro-government stance. And then I started sobbing.

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