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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I called my Congressman and he said, quote,
I'd like to help you son but, well, but, . . .

I only spoke with staffers. They seemed happy as long as I talked about "doing all you can to hold the President accountable for FEMA's failure to respond."

When I started talking about "impeachment" or "holding off on Court appointments until we determine whether the President should go to jail," the staffers' voices turned clipped and annoyed. And my people are Democrats -- Rep. McDermott & Senators Murray and Cantwell.

It's horrifyingly simple. FEMA failed, massively. Not even a question of disarray -- simple nasty things like refusing to let the Red Cross enter New Orleans to FEED PEOPLE because, according to FEMA's sick and nasty mind, if people saw free food from the Red Cross, they might not leave. That's the OFFICIAL EXCUSE. Meanwhile, Bush compliments the people in charge and NOBODY GETS FIRED.

Why are we even considering letting this man appoint anybody to anything? He should be on trial.

There's no point in cataloguing the horrors if we don't put pressure on people to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Call your Congressional reps and Senators. Please. Crank up some music you love and tell your representatives what you would like them to do. (I was listening to Fats Domino when I made my calls, as the 2-year-old tore around the house yelling about something or other.) It was depressing to get the response I got; still, glad to have done it, because without action, there's nothing but rebuilding and waiting for the next disaster. Rebuilding is important; waiting for the next disaster is infuriating.
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