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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hoping the evacuation and the delivery of supplies are going well. There'll be time to count the dead and afix the blame where we already know it belongs -- for now, between tears and outrage, just hoping whoever's still alive keeps on making it through this disaster.

Update, 1:00 am: This diary on DailyKos has a link to footage of Fox news reporters losing their composure and yelling at the anchors. The government had (has? don’t know the chronology) locked down New Orleans, not allowing anybody to walk out on passable roads. One of the reporters, almost in tears, holds up a baby and begs the government to let the people walk out, saying Why, Why, Why, 6 days after the hurricane, Why Have the People Not Gotten Food?

Is this deliberate? I had thought -- deliberate incompetence and heartless indifference, but now it feels, I have to ask, is this deliberate malevolence?

The invasion of Iraq proved they were monsters. The media let all their lies slide. But New Orleans is home. The monsters think they can blithely lie, having easily lied for 6 years straight now, but this is home.

Amoral gangsters have seized the government.
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