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Friday, September 09, 2005

The destruction of New Orleans and the Mississippi coast is becoming normal. The shock and outrage are subsiding, the grief -- for those not directly affected -- is dissipating.

Normal life -- for those not directly affected -- has gone on. I just haven't felt much like talking about it.

After the last election, I was in a foul, dark mood for a couple months.

I don't want the shock and outrage to subside.

I worked with homeless people for 8 years, and my wife still does. In the early '80s, during the first explosion of homelessness of the current relentless wave, a lot of people were shocked and outraged, and a lot of people talked about solving the problem. It's long since become a normal part of America. I hope that the displaced of New Orleans living in giant, dehumanizing shelters does not become normalized.
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