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Monday, August 29, 2005


It's often happened to me. In the middle of some situation, I notice that the tune that's been playing in my head is a precise commentary on the scene.

A week ago Sunday, in the middle of a sweaty dirty home improvement project (I am not handy), I noticed the Kinks' great "Do You Remember Walter?" playing in my head. From '67 or so, "Village Green Preservation Society" album.

"Do you remember Walter how we said we'd fight the world so we'd be free?
We'd save up all our money and we'd buy a boat and sail away to see
But it was not to be
Oh Walter my old friend where are you now? . . .

"I bet you're fat and married and you're always home in bed by half past eight . . ."

Fat, check; married, check; home in bed, nope, home and blogging. But the song didn't taste bitter; it was sweet to be sweaty dirty home-improving Walter.
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