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Thursday, August 25, 2005


My post the other night about wondering what an aesthetic defense of pop fiction might be like was timely: In comments, Jon Hastings of The Forager Blog pointed me to this post from the day before mine, where Michael Blowhard praises Jackie Collins. Mr. B. makes me want to read Jackie Collins: according to him her stuff has zip, intrigue, drama, oomph, sharp characters, wit -- sounds like Pop!

Mr. B. also aptly wonders how come the only pop genre to get critical respect is the most macho of genres, the mystery.


And I can’t help but be continually reminded: To Reagan’s deliberately incompetent strategy of Bankrupt Government Now, the Bush team has added the incomparably worse strategy of Let’s Piss Off Every Country On Earth while we’re at it.

Meanwhile, George Will complains about the shrillness of Democrats.

As if!

The hypocrisy continually astonishes. Literally breath-taking. Like the kids (used to?) say, Wilde!

I was happy to see a piece by an acquaintance of mine on yesterday’s op-ed page. The Rev. Rich Gamble takes on his imperialistic co-religionists. Amen, brother.
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