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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Well, pretty arrogant of me to talk about David Byrne's work last night as if it were just a pile of potato chips, and he were some potato chip potentate who started leaving the chip cauldron untended after the 4th or 5th batch (some would say, after the 6th), and he didn't really give a lick. Obviously, not true. So I didn't like albums number 6 through 8 (not counting live and compilations) -- whatever; that doesn't justify out-of-hand dismissive callousness. It *is* interesting that I remembered feeling an arrogance in the work, and that he corroborated it on his blog last week -- But! -- here's the thing -- it IS unusually generous of him to speak so candidly of his emotional unpleasantness and contempt for the audience, and how it was rooted in contempt for himself.

The thing is -- nobody would care if lots of people didn't love David Byrne's stuff, as do I. 25 years ago my high school band covered "Psycho Killer," and to this day "Remain In Light" dazzles and amazes me.
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