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Monday, August 08, 2005


Probably wrong/off to lump Beck in with Indie Rock. But he's got the hipster look and the hipster interest in the hip alternative papers, right?

I frequently surf through the local college indie-rock station. So many times, I tune into some gorgeous distorted electric guitar texture over a rock beat, and it goes along for a while, and then the singing starts, and I think, "Why? Why sing? You got this gorgeous textural thing over a decent beat going on, and you have no gift for melody."

If I hear these bands' names, I don't remember them.

But talking about such vaguely-defined genres as "indie" in such generalized terms -- I should stop now.

When I heard Garth Brooks's hit of a few years ago, "Wrapped Up In You," I loved it -- great light sexy tune & light sexy singing, catchy as a pop-up, and that sweet, imaginative arrangement with the jammin' hot fiddle & blues harmonica. The fiddle/harmonica juxtaposition reminded me of Beck slapping a banjo into some soul tune -- but the Brooks song was so much catchier, and Brooks's juxtaposition didn't call attention to itself, sounded completely natural, even though I couldn't remember having heard anything quite like it before.

OK, I'm stopping.
John, Larry King recently presented the Winston Man" who is now renouncing his career, which included ads to lure impressionable teens into smoking in the '70-80's. (and today) Probably involves his double lung removal, just a guess. So, guess it'snever too late! Is there an equivalent to MADD in the smoking world?
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