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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Been meaning to do this for weeks; finally getting to it --

Devin Hurd recently wrote some nice stuff on one of my all-time fave albums, Sacred Common Ground by titanic pianist and Mingus alum Don Pullen in collaboration with the Chief Cliff Singers, traditional native American singers from Montana. Thanks for the reminder!

George Hunka has been posting on the B & B boys, Brecht & Beckett. Go George!

Not a blog, but occasional Turtletop correspondent Emily Dietrich (my friend since 5th grade) has a nice piece in the current issue of “Ms.” magazine, about her trip to Mexico City in 1975, age 11, with her mom, to an international women’s conference. Not available on the web, but here’s the magazine’s table of contents.

And I’ve been meaning to add these links to my links page; they’re going on soon:

M. C- blogs wittily and smartly on “Singing and Parking in San Francisco” at The Standing Room. He sings classical and loves a bunch of other too.

Jane Dark blogs his sugarhigh! and writes criticism on music, poetry, politics & culture under that name; he also writes poetry and more criticism on ditto under the name Joshua Clover.

Daphne Carr is an elegant rock-and-other-music writer with a friendlier tone than most rockwriters; she blogs The Music Issue.

Since this is a mostly-music blog that got its name from poet Marianne Moore, it only seems right to link to a poetry blog that got its name from a Thelonious Monk tune. Jonathan Mayhew, poet, blogs Bemsha Swing.
Thanks for the kind words. I'm not surprised to find that you're already hip to Don Pullen's music. The Bemsha Swing blog is very cool. Thanks for the heads up.
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