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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blogville . . . the city that never sleeps.

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On a walk last night, a couple blocks from home I heard North African (or maybe Middle Eastern) style singing coming from a house. Peaked through the window and saw 4 college-age men from that part of the world, singing along to a record, one of them bouncing up and down.

In 1999 I swam in the Dead Sea on the Jordanian side. The water is so salty that anybody can float effortlessly; what takes effort is getting most of your body underwater. One of my party opened her eyes underwater and the salt hurt them so much that she cried out.

Floating near us were 5 young Jordanian men, maybe teen-agers, maybe in their 20s. They were floating on their backs with their ankles crossed, so they formed a 5-pointed star, with their heads as the points, and they were singing a song, so happy.

Not the stereotypical image of Middle Eastern men.
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