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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I just saw her down at the swank Triple Door dinner theater (that's what it is, though I don't know if they call it that). I'd seen her in Oct. 2002 open for Elvis Costello in Newark. She's singing more powerfully and flexibly now, and her band was hot -- 2 hot pickers from the Blood Oranges on guitar & mandolin and Jeremy Chatzky, who played on her first 2 CDs (and maybe her third), on electric and stand-up bass -- he's a great quirky melodic player who sometimes leaves 6 beats open until he plays another note. Laura's solid strumming held it all together. Nice 3-part harmonies from the pickers. As the beer started coursing through me the music seeped in deep. Nice to be in a sit-down joint. I should have taken notes.
JC is the bees knees.

Glad you could make it out.

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