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Monday, June 20, 2005


Beautiful week-end. The Solstice Parade was a blast -- 2 hours of “This Land Is Your Land,” with dozens of people joining us -- maybe hundreds -- as we were the last float in the parade. I ended up playing tambourine, not guitar, and that was fine, and it was chaotic and wonderful. A couple good trombonists showed up.

A friend’s 60th birthday party across the alley, an alley party -- another blast.

Vocal overdubs today (Sunday) went well. I may even have a name for the band!

Found out tonight that I missed the Mountain Goats in town. Would have been difficult for me to go anyway -- my spouse works Sunday swing shift -- would have gotten a babysitter but I’m not on top of the club schedule, to my occasional chagrin.

Playing a song or 2 or 3 at a shindig at the Sunset Tavern on Tuesday night. Wrote a new song for it today -- we’ll see tomorrow if I like it. If you’re not doing anything Tuesday night, and you’re in Seattle, drop on by!

Up again too late. G’night.
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