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Monday, May 16, 2005


In one respect, the average rock show is going to be better executed -- and closer to the creators' intentions -- than the average large-group classical show. The reason? The answer, my friend, has to do with what got the classical players to Carnegie Hall in the first place: practice, practice, practice. Rock bands practice like crazy, frequently going over minute details of songs dozens of times before a performance, practicing a 40-minute set for weeks or months before debuting it. A classical band, like the Seattle Opera's orchestra, which I heard Friday night, won't have nearly as much rehearsal before the show, so it should be no surprise that the rhythmic execution and togetherness isn't always as tight as it could be.

(More to say about my Rockism post from a couple nights ago -- and thanks JL for the comments. But lunch break over, back to work now.)
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