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Monday, May 30, 2005


The bitterness of the memory of lives wasted in pursuit of lies and folly. Not since WW2 has the U.S. fought a war to defend its freedom -- our freedom. Including the current Afghan war, which George Bush has never been serious about winning anyway.

Lesson of 2004 election, which we should have learned in 2000: Gotta go negative against the Republicans. We have no counterbalance to Republican Talk Radio. In our case, all we have to do to go negative is state the facts. Republicans complain about the liberal media, and they have a point: Whenever the media tells the truth (which is a lot rarer than it should and could be), it's anti-Republican, because the Republican Party is proudly anti-fact, anti-reality, anti-truth.

New meme (hey, I used that word! meme! meme! meme!):

G.O.P. = Gross Oleaginous Prevaricators.

ReMember That!

The records of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, DeLay, Hastert, Frist, And The Rest should have taught us by now to assume they're lying whenever their mouths are open. We should allow for exceptions, sure, but only after vetting and verification.

Memorial Day. Pity the dead, pity their families, and forgive us for letting it happen now.
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