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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Jam session before dinner tonight. The 2-year-old got out the pots and pans and a pair of wooden spoons, I played piano and sang, and we wailed away. He actually listened, pausing when I paused, stopping when I stopped. At the end of every song he said, "Again!" I counted us in, imagining myself Paul McCartney, "one two three FOUR," but the 2-year-old didn't really get it. He likes the counting though.

* * *

Speaking of counting, last night before my beloved spouse came home I was watching the 2-year-old and the next-door-neighbor 4-year-old and 1-and-a-half-year-old. The 4-year-old asked if my spouse were coming home and I said, yes. The 4-year-old asked, "In six or seven years?"

"In six years you'll be 10," I told her. She liked that.

The two-year-old said, "I'm going to be six, and then I'll be seven, and then I'll be 2 again, and then I'll be a big big man!"
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