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Friday, May 13, 2005

I've never been to Seattle's rock music museum, called the Experience Music Project. It costs 20 bucks to get in. I'd go if it were cheaper. I'll probably go some day anyway.

I'd be curious to see Jackson Pollack's brushes and palettes. More curious to see Titian's.

If EMP had stuff like a 1622 book of music by Monteverdi, I'd be more interested. (Via Alex Ross.)
But then it wouldn't be a pop music museum. If the Museum of Modern Are had more 17th century portraits then I might be more interested in it.

That would be "Museum of Modern Art."
the name of the museum is "experience music," not "experience 20th and 21st century pop music."

i'd be interested in a history of the guitar in America, for instance. which is all about pop music as we experience it now, but has historical roots too.
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