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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Informed and lively discussion of Smooth Jazz over at Michael Berube’s web site.

Franklin Bruno (scroll down a bit) mentions being a musical Platonist. Currently re-reading “The Recording Angel” by Evan Eisenberg, which includes a discussion of musical Platonism and musical Aristotelianism. Hoping to hear more from Franklin on this.

Thinking I'm a Platonist, according to Eisenberg's lay-out. Lulu's "Cry Me a River," from the Martin Scorsese blues doc series -- I luxuriate in the tasty bitterness & sorrow of the performance.

Music that rings your emotional bells says to you -- "You're not the only one who feels this way." Explanation of the power of radio -- the music comes along unexpectedly.

I'll always be bewildered and naive. Why are the Republicans intent on maximizing sorrow and suffering for the maximum number of people? Why do they insist on lying about it? Why? Why? Why? (Though I was pleased to read that new Republican Congressman Joe Schwarz -- a decades-long friend of my dad's family -- came out in favor of raising the tax cap for Social Security and told V.P. Cheney in public and to his face that he disagreed with some of what the Administration is proposing. Most Republicans who disagree have simply refused to appear with Bush or Cheney in public forums on the subject. This is the Joe that I expected and hoped for.)

In my post on Chris Montez the other night, I forgot to mention that he also recorded the early ‘60s party hit, “Let’s Dance,” which is much more hyped up than his laid-back later ‘60s party hits that I love. As far as I know he’s never recorded Schubert Lieder, in Spanish or German. I only mentioned that he had out of a misguided loyalty to an early April tradition.

Spring ahead, brothers and sisters, spring ahead.
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