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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Took the 2-year-old to a classical guitar concert by Elizabeth Brown on Sunday afternoon. A schedule conflict with someone’s unexpectedly early nap made us miss everything until the last three -- tasty -- pieces, by Heitor Villa-Lobos, Antonio Lauro, and Leo Brouwer. The 2-year-old really wanted to go, and he was very quiet throughout and enjoyed it very much.

I hadn’t been to a classical guitar recital before. Guitar is quiet! And squeakier than on record -- I had heard Brown on a local public station, and the stuff from her CD didn’t have any notable finger squeaks on the strings.

Of the 3 composers I caught, Villa-Lobos seems the most modernistic and dissonant. Brouwer’s piece is the most guitaristic, calling for taps on the strings and on the body of the guitar. The Lauro piece was very pretty and very short -- less than a minute, I think! Hardly had time to get to know it! Really nice pieces all three.
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