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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Yesterday the 2-year-old told me to sit and play piano. He set up all his stuffed animals in rows around the livingroom carpet. I picked up a songbook to sing Hoagy's (and Ray's) "Georgia on my Mind." The 2-year-old said, "No, no sing Georgia." How'd he know? There are 30 songs in that book! So I got another book and started butchering the chords and singing old songs, while he sat at a drum and started singing something else simultaneously. At the end of the song I stopped and looked at him. "I sing and you sing," he said merrily. One he sang was a song he was making up at the time; another was part of "Good Morning Starshine" from "Hair" -- "gliddy glup gloopy, nibby nabby noopy, la la la lo," which I sing to him sometimes. We did a few, dedicating different songs to different stuffed animals. "This one goes out to you, Dizzy" -- the stuffed hippo.

You might think that I’ve pushed Ivesianism onto him, but no, it comes from him. All I do is go along with it, very happily.
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