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Monday, January 03, 2005


I'm disappointed but not surprised that ACD of sounds & fury finds my aesthetic justification of theater unpersuasive.

Here's another attempt.

The stage provides visual counterpoint.  All of the visual lines are in balance.  The screen emphasizes solo passages more intimately than the stage can, but for many playwrights that's not desirable, that's not an improvement.

Saying that a film of Samuel Beckett’s great play “Waiting for Godot” could improve upon a staging of it, as ACD does, would be like saying, "I like the Goldberg Variations, but Bach should have brought greater emphasis to some of the lines.  I'm going to orchestrate it and double the bass line with a trombone choir sometimes and the treble line with a trumpet ensemble sometimes."

Maybe it would work, maybe it would be terrific, but it would be fundamentally different than what Bach had in mind.

Same with Godot.

Beckett didn't make a mistake in choosing the stage for this work when film was an available alternative.

UPDATE: More discussion here.

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