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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


My spouse and I were discussing this topic after dinner tonight when two possibilities came to mind.

Most of the suicide bombers come from desperate economic circumstances. The ones who have the resources or the access to resources that would enable them to come to the United States and minimally blend in are probably very few.

Yeah, but it only takes a few, said my spouse.

Maybe bin Laden has no interest in the United States. He attacked us once in hopes that he would provoke us to do something horrible in response, which would rally Muslims to his side. What would the point be in attacking us again? It would only increase worldwide sympathy for us and rally people to our side. He has no interest in taking down our government, and he couldn't do it if he wanted to. He's much more interested in taking down Saudi Arabia, which he doesn't even call Saudi Arabia, because the name of the place is Arabia, and the Sauds are just the despotic fascists who run the place now.

Despicable man, bin Laden is, completely willing to kill a lot of people in order to further his cause.

I could be wrong -- maybe the terrorists will come again, but I'm not surprised that they haven't.

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