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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


ACD responds, or rather fails to respond (in comments), to my invitation to demonstrate the truth of his allegedly demonstrable fact that classical music is capable of subsuming and transfiguring all other music. As I expected, instead of accepting the invitation he merely criticized me for a minor, debatable point in my post.

I will take his declination of my invitation as a tacit admission that his original contention is indeed absurd.

Acchhh, who cares. ACD’s just a blogging guy. He loves classical music. He loves what the classical Thang does to the musical styles and techniques of other traditions, when composers borrow from jazz or folk or popular musics. That the borrowings are better than the original sources -- or at least some time theoretically potentially better -- is a fundamentalist religious conviction that ACD holds with much passion and announces with little reason. Freedom of religion, dude, this is still America. Rock on with your bad self*.

*Note to readers unlettered in vernacular Americanisms: that last line is a complimentary quote from a popular song from the 1970s; it celebrates individuality and eccentricity; in the context of the original song, it is a Blakean admission of the necessity of strife and contrariness, and the compatability of loving solidarity and contention -- after pleading with the beloved not to "rock the boat" of their relationship, the singer flips positions and says "rock the boat, rock on with your bad self" in a celebratory mood.

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