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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


To everybody who's dropped me an email or responded to one of mine. To any blogger who has linked to me. To you, whoever you may be, just for reading. The pleasure is mine. Hopefully not ALL mine.

To Douglas Wolk for suggesting a November album project. It's been great to write songs again after writing very little for the last few years. With luck I'll record between 9 and 11 new ones plus 4 or 5 new outlined-improvised pieces this week. Only 2 or 3 or 4 or maybe 5 or maybe just maybe 6 of the songs would I consider performing with my band. Fine for listening (I hope) but wouldn't fit into my band. The project makes me question everything about my music, which is weird but good. I doubt that these will end up being among my "best" songs. But they're truest to my life RIGHT NOW. And that feels right. (Thanks to Jake London for loan of recording gear.) Plus "God Bless America." I'm grateful to live in America, and appalled at what we're doing now.

Thanks to my family, for, forEVER, forTUNATELY, for everything. Thanks to the Great Whatever for the miracle and mystery of life and consciousness.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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