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Sunday, November 21, 2004


Received an almost finished album from my friend John de Roo yesterday. I play and sing on one tune, and he covers two songs I wrote, in versions I like better than mine. One of the songs I co-wrote with Jay Sherman-Godfrey 8 or 9 years ago. I had asked Jay if he had any melodies that needed words. He gave me one and I used it. (Jay later used the tune, without words, on the soundtrack of Michael Moore's movie The Big One.) It's great to hear John's version, and it makes me feel sheepish for wanting to cover "Alfie" on my November 2004 Album. John and Jay and my friend Jake London have boodles of terrific songs -- wouldn't it be cool to cover one of theirs? But then I think -- well, I have nothing to add to any of their songs; I could only do something similar and not-as-good.

I'll think more about it, but the month is 2/3rds over and I haven't started recording! Haven't finished all the songs I want to finish! Haven't adequately learned the ones I have! What am I doing here blogging!

'Bye for now!

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