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Friday, October 22, 2004


There have been scattered reports that the toddling dude can sometimes manage to put two words together, but still for the most part his conversation consists of one word at a time. He knows what’s going on, and he’s able to manage extended comedy routines with his one-word-at-a-time delivery. If the audience knows the context, it can be pretty funny.

Putting on his shoes that his mom gave him. He knows his mom gave them to him.

Toddling Dude: “Mom?”

Me: “Did your mom give you those shoes?”

TD: “Res!” (Yes -- as my beloved spouse has pointed out, his “Yes” sounds like the dog Astro from the Jetsons, which makes me wonder why more hasn’t been made of the connection between the Houston ballclub and the Jetsons.)

TD: “Pau?” (Paula, his 1-or-2-day-a-week babysitter.)

M: “Did Paula give you those shoes?”

TD: “Nooooo!”

TD: “Boo-boo?” (Paula’s dog.)

M: “Did Boo-boo give you those shoes?”

TD: “Res!” (Big smile.)

M: “Boo-boo didn’t give you those shoes! Boo-boo didn’t give you those shoes!” (Followed by tickling, which makes “Boo-boo” the favorite contestant in the “Who gave you these shoes?” dialogues.)

He knows the names of lots of things, and lots of colors, and his mom and I ask him questions, and he often gets them right. When he doesn’t know the answer, he usually says, “Iss.” Calmly.

If he doesn’t know what something is, he says, in effect, “It is.”

And I just love that answer. So positive, so affirmative, so cheerful.

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