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Thursday, August 05, 2004


Off to my ancestral summer home at Gull Lake, Michigan, tomorrow, me & the toddling dude flying to Chicago; my beloved spouse, having to work on Sunday, will join us on Monday. Probably won’t be computing till I get back, and so, adieu, my lovelies.

At work I have the Boris Realtors Gull Lake Calendar on my cubicle wall.  August has a photo of a poet who lived 100 years ago on the stream that drains Gull Lake.  I love this poem, never having read it before a couple days ago; nor had I heard of the poet:

Gull Lake

I love you dearly, bonny Gull,
I love your groves and highlands,
I love your water clear and cool,
I love your bays and islands.

If I could dwell beside your shore
Or by your peaceful river,
I’d be content and ask no more
Than live and live forever.

            -- Howard Dwight Smiley

That last line -- it sounds so sentimental at first, but if you think about it, it’s CRAAZY.

I'm interested in Gull Lake history. Do you know anything about the island?
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