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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Crranky today from not enough sleep – ah, but the pleasures of quiet time at night – reading, writing, conversation – and crranky from driving too much in too much traffic – too much for my mood anyway – and crranky from the glary bright day from which I’m penned at work & then driving too much (and so on) – but then, then, refreshment arrives on the all-hits station; I heard that Usher song “Let It Burn” again & started to notice its intricate, excellent, expert structure, its superb dramatic dynamics, when Usher mentions that he's crying followed by a sweet falsetto "Ooh ooh ooh ooh" over nothing but the drums, followed by the loudest most intense moment in the song, a passionate phrase shouted over one note -- marvelous; and then right away heard “I’m a dick / I’m addicted to you” again & dug the hard rock 6/8 hooky pop teen squeak heartbreak song, catchy as catch can. Then after a respite from driving got back in the car, turned the radio back on & heard a groovy adaptation/cover of Donna Summers's "I LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY" that takes that tag line, words & tune, and weaves a complex, somewhat Arabic sounding R&B melody, a whole new song, around it, sung a by a worthy heir of Ms. Summers. Hearing 3 energetic melodic engaging grooving charming songs practically in a row -- it must be a golden age for hit radio.

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