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Friday, June 18, 2004


My friend Nick Griffin asked me and another friend the other day (the 3 of us had been in a band together):

Have you all heard my theory on constant music playing?  I feel it stunts development, both intellectual and emotional.  It's like a drug or alcohol. It allows you to avoid that which you should be facing.

If you constantly have music going that's what's in your head. Therefore, you're not thinking or feeling your own thoughts or feelings.

I've often thought about this in relation to my own high school days, and even for many years afterwards, during which music was always on in my bedroom or living space. I didn't have to think about anything nor deal with my feelings because I smothered it all in Bruce, or the Clash, or Brian Eno, etc...

JOHN REPLIES: Like any potion, music can be abused. I wonder about it for myself sometimes.


The 3rd former bandmate Nick was writing to too, our friend Jake London, wrote in as well:

"I saw Usher on SNL last weekend. He was amazing. The song was cool and the dancing was really astounding. If Marvin Gaye was coming up now, I think he might be Usher."

JOHN REPLIES: I hear Marvin Gaye in Usher's voice too, and not in any sort of bad way -- the styles are different.

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