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Saturday, June 19, 2004


Summer solstice arrives soon, and since now is the closest week-end, Seattle observed it today. The Saturday night swing show on the local NPR station featured songs about the sun.

Lionel Hampton singing (or someone in his band, but I think it was him) “The Sunny Side of the Street”:

If I never have a cent
I’ll be rich as Rockefeller
Gold dust at my feet
On the Sunny Side of the Street

The only wealth is life. Life’s energy comes from the sun. Gold’s value derives from its symbolic sunny color. For hundreds of years, across civilizations and cultures and languages and economies, the ratio of the value of gold to silver mirrored the ratio of the length of the solar cycle to the lunar cycle -- 13:1. In Roman mythology Pluto the God of Death is also the God of Wealth. In today’s America, Plutocrats rule by right of wealth and largely use it to deal death.

Gold dust at my feet -- gorgeous and true.

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