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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


It will be decades, perhaps centuries, before anybody will ever be able to say the words "Mission Accomplished" in English without the grimmest sense of irony.

A minor sin made possible by the major catastrophic sins of our bastard ("illegitimate") president.

Remember: This is the administration that Deliberately Fired anybody involved in planning post-invasion Iraq WHO KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT IRAQ.


Withdraw from Iraq? Pour more soldiers and marines in? Tell you one thing, I'd like to see every arm-chair bully-coward who thought an illegal invasion against a country that posed no threat to us was a good idea to ENLIST NOW. Convictions take courage. If you think the war was a good idea, you should fight it.

My information is sketchy, but it's damned hard to see a secular human-rights-based pluralistic progressive democracy emerging from the conflagration any time soon. Which was my question to the bully-cowards in my acquaintance before the invasion: How do we get to that? Does anybody know? Clearly not.


I don't have a clue as to how to proceed now, but clearly the bastards in the White House don't either. Oh sure, bomb and kill, but where does that get us in the end besides being hated more?


But to whom? To Civil War and chaos, apparently. Piteous. Hideous.


A very good chance that the end result of the Iraq Invasion Chapter of the Orwellian War on So-Called Terror will be a much more dangerous, volatile, hateful regime than Saddam. Which is why the traditional American reactionaries have always loved fascists leaders abroad. Fascist leaders abroad keep their people in line. Which is why Republicans always supported Saddam. I never understood why the American reactionaries turned on their old pal. He was a bulwark against the fanatical Islamic anti-westerners; he was a secularist. A secularist with a hideous penchant for murdering his opponents, real or perceived, but that's never given the American reactionaries pause.


Images of consumerism brought down the Berlin wall. The eastern Europeans wanted STUFF, the west had it, and the commies weren't providing. Couldn't this be a model for -- what do they call it? -- nipping anti-Americanism in the bud? Share the wealth? Promote humanism and democracy? Isn't that what most people would really want, given a choice? (I said "most." Trying to acknowledge that not everybody wants that. And it's a question; if you think the answer is no, tell me. Let's talk. That's what this is about.) A long way off from being able to offer that in any meaningful way to the people whom we haven't happened to have killed in Iraq. Horrible.


No clue. The Iraqi insurgents -- about whom we apparently know very little, and certainly I know almost nothing -- do not appear to be good prospects for enlightened leadership. Hope I'm wrong.

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